Monday, 13 June 2011

Autism, essential check list for Parents and Carers.

Ok, so you have a child with Autism. It helps a lot if you have the following list of skills..

A great sense of humour, An extra set of eye balls (preferably detachable), the ability to cook unusual and occasionally inedible food, at lightning speed. You must be able to juggle several things at once, at least two of which are bound to be on fire.  A set of strong arms, extra thick skin and be able to sprint faster than a gazelle with a cheetah on its arse, at the drop of a hat usually in a crowded area. Be able to apply eye make up to BOTH eyes before leaving your home in the morning after two hours sleep (harder than it sounds.)

Should you lack any of these skills, don't worry, just wing it.

Autism is very complex and Mikey is classified as severe. Difficult as that can be there is so much magic to his Autism, and a kind of purity. For example Mikey can never be nasty, or a bully. Mikey cannot lie or be deceptive or be purposefully cruel, he cannot be judgemental and never does he discriminate. Autism does not care if you are fat or thin or if your skin is magenta or green in colour. When Mikey shows affection, which is often, it is genuine.  Autism presents qualities that seem so rare in most. Original thought, ideas. One of the issues we have faced often is finding toys that Mikey is interested in.
Conventional toys that are mass produced have no use for Mikey and offer very little sensory stimulation.
What Mikey loves. Beads, Mud, Water and...Bubbles! Oh the magical shiny, reflective, wonderful, drifting quietly away bubbles.

Walking on Air - Digital Photo with some post production done in Photoshop

We are fortunate to have many surreal moments. Like this one. At the moment I took this photo. Mikey seemed to be to be walking on air, he was jumping gently on his trampoline watching the garden fill with bubbles, When he reached the highest high he seems to hang in the air for a second as the bubbles slowly drifted under him and all that really moved was one big toe lifting into the air. Silence except for the low hum of the bubble machine's motor and the springs of the trampoline expanding then contracting with each jump. I could hear none of the usual sounds like birds, traffic, people. Precious moments to cherish. Thank you camera battery for being fully charged just when I need you.


Casdok said...

What a fantastic photo.
And im so glad of my extra set of eyes!

Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

Thank you :). Oh I forgot to the event of not having the second set of eyes, you need psychic ability!

John Salmon said...

You're a superwoman Samantha. The only quality I would have is the ability to cook unusual and occasionally inedible food. But it certainly wouldn't be at lightning speed and it wouldn't only be occasionally inedible. It would always be inedible and it would take me hours.

Autism Art Project said...
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Autism Art Project said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo! My son loves bubbles too! :)

Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

John, sadly I lack all those abilities and fall firmly in the winging it category. But I can dream! Ha ha!

Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

Thank you for the comment AAP. Bubbles are so soothing, I also love them.

mavis said...

Dear Samsi
I stand in awe at your amazing talent with word. Your word pictures are as dramatic and creative as your paintings. Your humour is a delight. Laughter sure is the best medicine, keep it up, always look for the funny side of life. I love your tree of Africa, I sense the writhing, being torn apart. Africa is calling you home. Just come. Love Mom

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