Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Autism - taking a break is good for everyone.

Mikey on Holiday

The water boy is on holiday in France with his Carers. We got so lucky when we found Michele. Michele is a special needs Carer who is supremely good at her job. I think Michele was born with an understanding of kids with disabilities like Autism. Her empathy, kindness and loving nature matched with a no nonsense approach makes her the perfect carer.  Mikey has been with Michele and family for about 4 years now and he loves her to bits. She is the only other person in the world who understands Mikey like I do. Michele has two kids of her own, they are in their twenties and lovely people. Michele and her hubby cared for two severely disabled girls whom they ended up adopting. Mikey stays with them for part of the week and we mostly share the holiday time. This year on her family holiday she took the kids with.
                 Now, anyone reading this who is caring for a child with Autism and has ever attempted a holiday may feel a chill of terror at the thought of a "holiday". Not Michele! This woman is amazing, I kid you not. That family took Mikey under their wings and treat him like he is their own, that family gave us our lives back and my son is now a happy boy. Autism having a good holiday can be done!

Here are some pics of the water boy on holiday, totally in his element in France.