Sunday, 4 September 2011

And Summer Ends

Last day of the summer holidays. It is raining. Mikey is sitting outside, by his paddling pool, in the rain. He has had possibly the best summer holiday yet. It has been water, water and more water. He has, as is usual for school holidays, been hyper. But, this year was not as disastrous as previous years, probably due to his wonderful carers taking him away for part of the summer holidays. Also my little boy is growing up and with that a calmness he has never had before seems to be setting in. Mikey is understanding a lot more and has become my little helper around the house. Sleep will never be a strong point in our home, and so what, I'll sleep when I'm dead. Now, with a SafeSpace I can sleep even if he doesn't. Life, for a change is going ok. Let it rain now, everything is ok. Winter is coming and I know what to expect from winter.


Jacquie said...

Do you know how many mothers won't let their kids swim in the rain?
My husband and his mother just look at me when I do things like that. I think they're waiting for me to grow that 2nd head they're so sure I have...
Makes me want to be all the more creative! Keeps Ben wondering wha'ts next, as well as his

Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

lol Jacquie. I remember those looks! The sheer panic at times because Mikey was covered head to toe in mud and me going to get the hose pipe, haha. Mikey loved it, I used to squirt him with the hose pipe as he jumped on his do have to think out of the box. I always let Mikey out into the rain now, it soothes him and I kinda like it too :)