Saturday, 1 October 2011

Autism - Strangely Beautiful

I see you, Michael. I watch you watching her, in the mirror. Hurts you to look directly at your baby sister, doesn't it? I watch you, in my memory I see words from reports floating across my vision...He Looks Straight Through People.......No Eye Contact......these words float past like leaves on a stream then fall off the edge of my vision. I watch you still. You always looked directly into my eyes Michael, not for too long but still enough to surprise me to hear the reports about eye contact.

                 Through the babies toy mirror, you watch her, see her every move, for the longest time you just watch her. Baby sticks her tongue out and blows a raspberry at her teddy bear, you bury your face into your hands and smile. Small pearls of pure joy for me!


Lunar Hine said...

Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.

Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

Thanks Lunar.

John Salmon said...

Oh Samantha, that is such a lovely post.

Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

Thanks John :)

Anonymous said...

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Bird said...

Hi Samantha,
I cried so hard when I read this post. You write beautifully and how much your love your children comes through in your words and your art. I'm honestly very deeply moved.

My son and I have AS and I can see some of us in what you write. Thank you. Your son is beautiful and so is your daughter.

Thank you for sharing so candidly.


Samantha Anne Hutchinson said...

Thank You Bird, it is so nice to know others share our kind of world, different, different is good..and i LOVE your blog!